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Is your driveway looking dull? Or does your property need a “face-lift”?

Paving isn’t an easy job especially if you aren’t an experienced professional. The proper knowledge and methods are needed besides knowing about the high-quality materials to be used. 

If you’re from Jersey City and are looking for an Experienced Professional Paving Company, do not hesitate to call us!

We guarantee you a quality-driven result with reasonable-affordable price that will surely fit your budget. Don’t let the newbies and amateurs handle your project – your property deserves better. Leave it to Jersey City Paving!


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Why Choose Jersey Paving?


Experienced Professionals

HIghly trained and skilled Professionals who are widely experienced in this field for years.

Quality is built into our system

This is what makes us the best in this business - we prioritize the quality of our work and make sure everything is in place. Our main goal is to bring satisfaction to each of our clients.

friendly customer service

We may be serious with our job, but it doesn't mean we aren't friendly. Our staff are all approachable and easy to communicate with. Don't hesistate to talk to us!



Poorly placed bases and asphalt layers will very much reduce a pavement’s performance. This is why the whole process of paving is critical. If the proper process is implemented, this can increase a pavement’s life to 40%.

It’s important to hire experienced professionals. Jersey City Paving has been serving the whole Jersey City New Jersey with reliable and consistent quality paving service – both residential and commercial projects. We are one of the best New Jersey Paving Companies!


Paving Services Offered in Jersey City

residential paving service in jersey city new jersey

Residential Paving Service

We personalize our service as per our client's needs. We will take care of all your residential paving needs.

commercial paving service in jersey city new jersey

Commercial Paving Company

Make a good impression to your clients by presenting a quality exterior of your business or property.

pavement repair service in jersey city new jersey

Pavement repairs

As professional in this field, we've mastered every possible repairs.

pavement maintenance in jersey city new jersey

Asphalt Paving

Keep your property's exterior looking freshly paved after all the years and weather it has been exposed to.

sealcoating service in jersey city new jersey


Protect your investment and elongate the benefits. Our professional workers only use high-quality materials and the best methods.

Paving Services in Jersey City

Don’t hesitate to call the best paving service available in Jersey City, New Jersey!

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