5 Strategies for Keeping Weeds from Growing Between Pavers in Your Patio or Driveway

Let’s take a moment to commiserate about weeds.

They invade your lawn, infiltrate your flower beds, and cunningly find their way into your planters.

You might have thought you outsmarted these leafy foes with that paver project. Surely, weeds couldn’t push through solid concrete pavers, could they?

Unfortunately, if you believe pavers are weed-proof, you haven’t met weeds yet.

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How can you prevent weeds from growing between pavers?

Explore these helpful tips:

1. Prevent Weeds in Pavers by Establishing a Solid Base

The key lies beneath the surface—ensure a sturdy base beneath your pavers Always prioritize a substantial paver base. For driveway pavers, aim for a six-inch base, and for patios and walkways, three to four inches should suffice.

The crushed concrete base beneath your pavers plays a crucial role. A substantial layer not only prevents weed growth but also promotes excellent drainage due to its coarse texture, effectively securing the pavers in position.

2. Emphasize the Importance of Sealing Yes, it’s worth mentioning three times.

Concerned about weeds in pavers? Applying a sealer will prevent pesky weed seeds from settling into the joints and germinating. Weeds thrive on dirt settling between pavers, providing an ideal environment for growth Sealing isn’t a one-time task.

You should reapply the sealer every 2 to 5 years. When Jersey City Paving Concrete crews apply fresh sealer, they also replenish and add new sand between pavers, further deterring weed growth.

The frequency of sealer application depends on various factors, such as whether the area is sheltered or exposed, whether it’s under a UV-protected screen enclosure, or if it’s situated near trees or in a humid environment.

Sealer serves multiple purposes. Its protective layer not only prevents weeds in pavers but also addresses other common issues with paver patios:

  • It prevents color fading caused by the sun’s UV rays.
  • It protects against weathering from heavy rain and other elements.
  • It secures the sand between each paver, ensuring a tight and stable arrangement.
  • It discourages ants from nesting in the gaps between pavers.
  • Sealer also repels stains from oils and grime, keeping your pavers looking clean and pristine.

3. Use Polymeric Sand to Prevent Weeds in Pavers

Opting for polymeric sand between pavers is a more advanced choice that comes at a higher cost, but it effectively helps to deter weeds.

It sounds technical, but polymeric sand is worth considering. Unlike regular sand, it contains polymers that cause it to harden once it’s swept into the joints and sprayed with water. This hardening process makes it much more difficult for weeds to take root.

4. Maintain Regular Landscape Care

To combat weeds in pavers, focus on eliminating persistent seeds.

Weed seeds can be found everywhere—stuck to shoes, tangled in pets’ fur, even carried by birds.

They’re pervasive in your landscaping, so maintaining cleanliness outdoors is crucial to preventing weeds from invading your pavers.

Stay vigilant with weeds in your planting beds. Avoid blowing grass clippings onto your patio while mowing. Use herbicides when necessary to eliminate weeds in pavers and maintain control in your landscaping.

5. Undertaking a DIY Paver Project? Prevent Weeds Along the Way

If you’re embarking on your own paver project, remember these weed prevention tips as you proceed:

Ensure a solid base without cutting corners. Evaluate using polymeric sand. Apply sealer to your completed project.

Alternatively, Leave Your Paver Project to the Professionals

Why add another worry to your list? 

Take a break and rely on professionals to handle your paver project At Jersey City Paving Concrete, we simplify the entire process—from discussing ideas at your kitchen table to presenting paver samples, guiding you through the project, and keeping you updated. Plus, we’re experts in weed prevention.

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How to Prevent Weeds in Pavers? Trust Jersey City Paving Concrete

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