03 - parking lot seal coating

Our Parking Lot Sealcoating Process

Ever wonder what it takes to restore parking lots to their former glory? Our parking lot sealcoating method at Jersey City Paving may not only improve the appearance of your worn-out, old pavement, but it can also shield it from future wear and tear as well as harmful natural factors like hail and UV radiation. For a better idea of what to anticipate from a parking lot sealcoating, check out our expert process:

Parking lot pavement needs to be clean and clear of debris before applying sealcoat. We’ll check your pavement as soon as we arrive at your place of business. If we come across any holes or gaps, we’ll clear them out and take care of any vegetation that may have grown inside. To prepare the pavement, we’ll also remove any lingering debris or accumulation (like oil).

After those operations are finished, we’ll clean your entire paved area by power-washing it and sweeping it with steel brushes to ensure that all of the dirt is gone from the cracks.

We’ll use an asphalt sealer to fill in any cracks or gaps after a thorough cleaning to prevent further deterioration of your surface. The sealcoating will come next. We apply a top-notch sealant that is created from a blend of epoxy fortifier and coal tar emulsion. Your pavement will have a rich, lovely appearance thanks to the seal created by these ingredients, which combined form a strong, protective surface.

When we’re done, we’ll restrict the entrances to your parking lot to make sure that nobody drives or walks on your freshly sealed surface. The curing of the sealer typically takes 24 to 48 hours. You can then resume using it for driving. We’d be pleased to help you out with any further needs, such as a new layer of parking lot lines. If you need your parking lot to be organized, just let us know and we’ll draw some bold, clean lines.

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