03.3 - how to maintain your pavement

Revamping Your Pavement: Tips for Keeping Your Pavement in Top Condition

A well-kept pavement significantly improves the curb appeal of your property. Regular maintenance is required to keep your pavement in outstanding condition over time.

Keep in mind that various materials need different methods of maintenance. This article will explore how to maintain several kinds of pavement, including ceramic, asphalt, concrete, and brick.

Understanding Pavement Maintenance Goals

Pavements degrade gradually over time due to repeated exposure to harsh circumstances, which may cause fading, cracking, or grass growth between tiles. To solve these difficulties, pavement maintenance works to repair, restore, or replace your pavement.

Depending on the age of your pavement, you can improve its performance via low-cost fixes or structural enhancements. Reconstruction entails rebuilding the whole pavement structure to prolong its life.

Routine Pavement Cleaning

Whatever material you choose for your pavement will eventually deteriorate due to car traffic. You may see grass patches, oil and grease smudges from cars, or leaves from adjacent trees on the pavement. Keep your pavement clean to eliminate these concerns.

Remove leaves, uproot grass, and sweep away loose chippings and debris using a blower. Regular cleaning helps you monitor the state of your pavement, identifying and resolving minor issues before they become big.

Promptly Seal Cracks

Pavements are often subjected to harsh weather, causing them to expand and contract during the day. This process eventually results in fractures, which allow water to leak into the foundation, causing significant damage. If you notice a leak, seal it immediately to prevent more harm. Consult a professional if you need help selecting the best pavement.

Apply a Seal Coating

Sunshine, traffic, water, and chemicals may quickly degrade your pavement without regular maintenance. Fading, cracking, and loose chippings are possible, which might lead to severe damage requiring replacement. Apply a seal coating every two to three years to increase the performance and longevity of your pavement. This layer protects your pavement from several hazardous pollutants.

Repaint Your Pavement

Markings in parking lots and other specified sites may fade over time due to exposure to harsh weather. Repaint these marks regularly in allowed colors and sizes to achieve optimal space use.


Regular, preventative, and reconstructive pavement care is critical for prolonging the life of your pavement and maintaining the curb appeal of your property. You may save money by doing maintenance jobs while keeping your pavement in outstanding shape. Take action when you see cracks or other issues to avoid long-term harm. For more details, contact Jersey City Paving and Concrete right now. 

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