Taking Care Of A Parking Lot: A Little Goes A Long Way

Taking Care Of A Parking Lot: A Little Goes A Long Way

A commercial property manager always has to keep a lot of things in check. You need to make sure that your property makes as much money as possible while also creating an environment that helps it do so. Keeping the building and grounds in good shape is part of this equation. It might seem like a good idea to skip the cost of regular parking lot maintenance and put that money somewhere else, but you might come to regret that choice later.

Why you can't skip taking care of a parking lot

It’s much more important than you might think to keep your business’s parking lot in good shape. You can’t just think of the cost as another line item you can cross off, because that could cost you more in the long run. That’s because a parking lot that isn’t well taken care of can quickly turn into an expensive and even dangerous eyesore if it isn’t kept up.

Asphalt is a good material for roads, but it isn’t perfect. It wears down over time and when it’s exposed to the elements, which lets water get to the surface. This moisture can eat away at your parking lot, causing cracks to get bigger and bigger. Eventually, these cracks can turn into big, ugly potholes that not only make your lot look ugly and unwelcoming, but they can also turn someone’s ankle or damage a car’s tires, leaving you with a possible liability nightmare!

Taking care of your lot doesn't have to hurt your bottom line

The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on insurance settlements or major parking lot repairs. If you take care of your parking lot on a regular basis, the effect on your bottom line will be much less severe. This is because the cost of preventive maintenance or even just patching small cracks is much lower than the cost of fixing a lot of potholes all over your lot.


If you fix small cracks as you find them, they won’t get bigger and cost more to fix in the future. Yes, regular maintenance will cost you money because you’ll have to pay your paving company to come out and look at your lot every few months or so. However, this is just another cost of doing business, like paying your building’s monthly utility bills. You wouldn’t let your electric bill go unpaid for months, so don’t let your parking lot go without maintenance.

Keeping your money safe

Just like you wouldn’t wait to fix a leaking roof or replace a broken window, you can’t take your time when it comes to taking care of the parking lot at your business. You need to protect your investment, and if you don’t fix the damage right away, it will only get worse and cost you more in the long run. Use regular parking lot maintenance to keep your asphalt lot in good shape. This is the smart thing to do to protect your investment.

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