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As the ecstatic new owner of Tiny Greenhouse, please allow me to introduce myself with a brief introduction. Discover more.

After spending over a decade as a contemporary dance group member and graduating with a BFA in Writing from Rutgers University Dance and a Liberal Arts concentration, I started working as an assistant in early childhood education in 1999. Having resolved my plans for the rest of my life, I went to school and got career opportunities at public and private educational institutions. I believe the arts have a significant role in the growth and development of children. I have worked in the downtown area as a teacher for various subjects, including early childhood, art, music, capoeira, mindful movement, carpentry, dance, and yoga. The ages of my pupils span from preschoolers to preteens. My leisure time is spent actively supporting Jersey City’s thriving art scene, in which I actively participate and am involved. I am delighted to have discovered a new home at Tiny Greenhouse, where I can learn and explore alongside my teachers and the children. All of my accumulated experience can be used to enable their JC village to become stronger through the arts. I can’t tell you how much this chance means to me.

An eco-friendly art space where your kid may explore their imagination and develop their talents

Tiny Greenhouse was founded on the principle that all children, no matter their socioeconomic background or access to cultural opportunities, should have the chance to experience the benefits of art in the way nature intended. To this end, Tiny Greenhouse offers children a safe, natural, and non-toxic way to explore art while also contributing to conserving Earth’s natural resources.

Reusing found materials is a core tenet of Tiny Greenhouse’s aesthetic and a unique selling point. By doing so, they learn the importance of community and the ripple effect that individual expression may have on the world.

Art lessons at Tiny Greenhouse are offered in a studio setting for children as young as 18 months old, with the goals of fostering creative and innovative communication, thinking, self-discovery, and independence via the process of producing art. Their goal is to offer a stimulating and encouraging setting where children’s creativity may flourish.

The classes are designed to boost kids’ self-esteem in their creative ability by exploring new techniques and media. Regardless of what they’re doing or making it, kids always get a dose of inspiration from recommended themes and methods for getting their creative juices flowing. Prescribed, step-by-step procedures, guidelines, or examples to replicate might stifle a child’s ability to express themselves and feed their need for perfection. Thus this is avoided wherever possible. Children may express themselves creatively without fear of creating a mess, while adults can enjoy a respite from the chore of cleaning up crayons and paint spills.

Art Fun Drop Off

Art Fun is a program that combines art with education and plays to foster the growth of children’s creative, intellectual, and motor abilities via the medium of art. They think each kid should be responsible for directing their process of discovery and should derive meaning from the world around them based on their surroundings.

Tiny Greenhouse’s mission is to provide children with an exciting, inventive, and engaging social place where they may regularly interact via language, play, art, and music at their particular speed and rhythm. ART FUN will give the skills for children to express themselves on both a verbal (group discussion, storytime, and narrative play) and a nonverbal level. Ultimately, we hope this will encourage each child to express themselves with confidence and self-awareness (sensory and multimedia art projects). In addition to incorporating aspects of family and community, ART FUN will emphasize relationship building, kindness, compassion, teamwork, and responsibility while the children interact in an educational setting that is both enjoyable and conducive to healthy living each week.

Michelle, a teacher with over twenty years of expertise in early childhood education, is one of many experienced and compassionate educators leading the ART FUN program. The ratio of teachers to students in ART FUN lessons is excellent, and there are never more than five students in each session.

Summer Sessions at Tiny Greenhouse

Weekly throughout the summer, their Tiny Greenhouse Summer Session will consist of nature hikes, play, and exploration at their own Historic VanVorst park, regardless of the weather!

This year, they will be putting more of an emphasis on both the “Tiny” and the “Green” in Tiny Greenhouse. Every day, in tiny groups, they will work with nature, recycle materials, and cultivate plants as part of the weekly-themed projects and activities they will be participating in.

They believe the best way to help children develop and learn is to provide them with an exciting and risk-free atmosphere. They think that with no more than five to 10 kids in a class, it is possible to create a first-rate arts education curriculum for youngsters. Young children benefit from this in various ways, including their physical growth, social development, emotional development, cognitive development, and learning opportunities. They are dedicated to making each kid feel valued and unique, encouraging children to enjoy themselves at their speed. This is because it’s impossible to deny that every child on the planet has qualities that make them unique and lovely on their terms. 

The biggest hope for the youngsters visiting Tiny Greenhouse is to be confident enough to go out and do everything possible to improve the world.

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Their campers are informed weekly about their cleanliness and appropriate conduct regulations. They are grounded in respect, kindness, and honesty and work hard daily to instill these values in the children in their care so they may feel secure and at ease. They are reminded to respect not just themselves and one another but also the environment and the materials used in the arts. Since honesty will serve as the cornerstone of their interactions, they will approach their connections with other people with thoughtfulness.

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