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Saying Goodbye: Real Estate Agents Identify Seven Driveway Trends Phasing Out

When visitors come to your home, the driveway is often their initial impression. Outdated styles in your driveway can create a discordant image, regardless of how modern your interior may be. To align the exterior with the interior style of your home, real estate experts recommend embracing some key trends.

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According to Suzi Dailey, a Realtor with Realty ONE Group, using large statues or figures flanking the driveway has become unfashionable. Dailey emphasizes that simplicity and tasteful design are currently more in vogue, while ornate decorations are perceived as overly flashy and are not favored by most people.

Metallic Finishes

In the enduring popularity of the farmhouse aesthetic, Joseph Hermon from Oxford Property Group in New York notes that people are extending this style to their outdoor spaces. Hermon notes that many are adding a contemporary farmhouse aesthetic to their driveways. Favoring materials like wood, wood-like plastics, and stone over glossy metals in the current trend.


The declining preference for manual gates might be linked to a number of things, including the rising popularity of gated communities and the accessibility of home security systems at various price ranges. Joseph Hermon of Oxford Property Group in New York states that gates lacking remote control features are now considered outdated. With more people spending time at home, the inconvenience of having to manually open and close a driveway gate multiple times a day is seen as a drawback that turns potential buyers off.

Loose Stone and Gravel

According to Hermon, gravel driveways are on the way out due to their high maintenance demands and limited suitability for leisure activities. This aspect becomes especially significant when you have children or a lot of guests frequenting your home. Hermon notes that blacktop driveways are a better alternative, but pavers in various styles and colors are gaining popularity.

Asphalt and Stamped Concrete

Shane Graber, a broker at Graber Realty Group in Miami, emphasizes the importance of a thoughtfully designed driveway in establishing your home’s overall ambiance. He points out that asphalt and stamped concrete driveways are no longer in vogue. Instead, he observes a growing inclination toward creatively shaped concrete driveways, paver driveways, and turf stone pavers. The latter, with their low ground impact, enable grass growth between the pavers, resulting in an exceptionally natural and appealing appearance.

Rectangular Shapes

Clean and minimalistic design principles take center stage in exterior home aesthetics, particularly in critical areas like the driveway,” says Bonnie Heatzig, Douglas Elliman’s executive director of luxury sales and a representative of The Luxury Real Estate Authority. Heatzig suggests that homeowners should be quick to alter the shape of their driveway, emphasizing that it can maintain a different configuration than when the property was acquired. “Lifestyles evolve, and your driveway’s design can adapt to better suit your changing needs,” she advises.

Ribbon Driveways

Ribbon driveways, also known as Hollywood driveways, are approaching obsolescence. These driveways typically consist of two parallel concrete strips where your tires would rest, as described by Brittany Kovatch from Keller Williams North Atlanta. Kovatch points out that the current trend is shifting towards more textured surfaces, geometric shapes, various colors, and mixed materials, such as combinations of concrete, brick, or grass block pavers.

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