When is the Best Time for a Driveway Repair

When is the Best Time for a Driveway Repair

Characteristics of Asphalt in Need of Repair

It is possible that you are debating whether to have your driveway fixed or replaced if you have seen that it is wearing out more and more over the years. Determining if what you see on your driveway is just regular wear and tear or something to be concerned about might be difficult. Driveway replacement and repair is our area of expertise at Jersey City Paving. We’d be pleased to assist you if you’d want one of our paving specialists to look over your driveway and advise you on what to do next. Four indicators that your driveway may require maintenance or replacement are listed below for your reference.


Driveways and other surface potholes are caused by the freezing and thawing of groundwater beneath the asphalt. The ground expands and contracts in response to changes in the amount of water in the atmosphere. Due to the frequent rises and falls in temperature, which cause the earth to repeatedly expand and contract, potholes may result from the asphalt’s deterioration. As for your car’s suspension, potholes can be problematic. Although a repair can be applied to a pothole, this won’t address the underlying issue, thus you could need to replace your driveway.

Extensive cracks

More than just a driveway eyesore, cracks can be problematic. Salt, oil, and petrol can get into the cracks in your driveway when it is cracked. The fissures may enlarge and deepen as a result of this. If you notice a few small cracks in your driveway, it’s usually time to arrange driveway repair to seal them and stop additional cracking and deterioration of the already existing fissures.

Water Drainage Issues

Another indication that it could be time to replace or repair your driveway is when water is accumulating and not draining correctly on it. Your driveway’s asphalt can deteriorate if water collects in one spot or pools there. Cracks and potholes may result from this.

Faded and discolored

Your driveway will eventually deteriorate and turn faded from the sun. The sun’s intense rays can deteriorate the surface of your driveway in addition to creating fading. Your driveway may be able to withstand more damage if it is sealed, depending on its age and degree of deterioration. The driveway should probably be replaced, though, if it has grown too brittle.

There are a variety of potential causes for why you might need to rebuild or repair your driveway by experts. In operation for more than ten years is Jersey City Paving. In terms of maintaining and installing driveways, we have a superb team of specialists who are well-trained and knowledgeable. Your driveway needs to be secure and long-lasting, therefore one of our professionals would be pleased to give you a consultation about the best course of action. To get going, ask for a free estimate today.

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